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webdesign-servicesImpact Digital specialize in website design and development, graphic design, website updates, and marketing strategies. We provide great looking, quality websites customized for you and what your needs might be. We provide solutions that work at a competitive rate and with dedicated customer service. We take pride in our work and love creating websites!

Website Design

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Whether you need a brand new website or if your current site needs a redesign, we can create a more modern website that fits your needs.

What comes with it? We handle everything so you don't have to!

  • Domain Registration & Renewal
  • Website Hosting
  • Email Hosting
  • Website Backups

Website Training

Need or want to be able to update parts of your website?  All of our websites are built upon a content management system.  We can show you through one-on-one professional training how anyone can easily update any component on your website.  We will thoroughly explain and provide documentation on how your website works and all the possibilities that are at your hands.

Website Maintenance & Updates

Need updates? Shoot us an email. Call us. Send us a text. We provide updates, support, enhancements, and additions you may need to your current site. Content updates happen same day!

Each website is different.  You may require daily updates or weekly updates.  Or, you may only update the bulk of your website 2-3 times a year. 

FEES FOR UPDATES:  We are unique as we are flexible in providing updates and don't require you to sign a contract or pay a monthly fee!  We offer hourly rates for updates if you don't update very often.  Or, we can offer a yearly set fee for your website maintenance and updates.

Graphic Design

This is where we can make everything shiny!  We can provide graphic design for your site, for print (such as flyers/brochures), for use on social media outlets, and incorporate those graphics into custom video. We can integrate the same look and graphics across many types of media all at once and save you money as you are not having to resort to going to 3 different designers for the same graphic for web, video, and print..

Responsive Design

60+% of all web traffic and web searches are now through mobile or tablet devices.

Responsive design is an approach to your website design that modifies and makes sure that no matter what your customers are using to view your website -- they will be able to view it correctly.  Responsive Design makes your site design flexible to fit the layout, images, and content to the screen of a mobile or tablet device. Clients with older websites are coming to us for redesigns simply because of it not viewing properly on a phone or tablet and losing that potential client.

Social Media Management

Facebook - Twitter - Instagram - Pinterest - Google+ - LinkedIn - Tumblr - YouTube - Vine & More

We provide everything you need to look great on social media.  We know it can be difficult to understand and manage a strong social media presence for your business.  Social media is an essential form of marketing and we understand that many are busy running other aspects of daily business.  Impact Digital specializes in management of your social media outlets.  We can write and design graphics for your social media posts and boost your brand awareness.  We can take the daily social media tasks off your "to-do" list so you can focus on your daily business activities!

We have a deep knowledge of current social media and are always on the cutting edge of the ever-changing formats and trends of the marketing with social media for your business. 

Online Video

What grabs a visitors attention longer than any other medium? Video. 

We can create a custom short video showcasing your business and services that can be embedded into your website.  Video can showcase your businesss, storefront, showroom, and/or services and products.  Other common uses for video for your website: focus on a particular event promotion, a how-to of your services or products use, an instructional video - the ideas for video are endless!

Watching a short eye-catching video holds attention and embeds a more memorable message and experience of your business/products/services than just text or static graphic.  Short video delivered via social media today is especially effective as it has become the default that video commonly auto-plays - they can't miss it!

We are professional videographers.  We can quickly obtain and edit eye-catching video and create stylish motion graphics for your website & social media marketing campaigns we help create for you.

Ask about our "call to action" mobile and tablet responsive layout options.

Marketing Strategy & SEO

We provide ongoing marketing strategies for your website. We can help with social media ad campaigns and other online ad campaigns to increase your sales, presence, conversions, and awareness. Search Engine Optimization is completed and ongoing by default on all websites. We work hard to get you in the top rankings of all search engines.

Site Analytics

How many people are visiting your site and when? What are they looking at? Along with marketing your services and your website you need to be able to see if that strategy is working and what you can do to increase those numbers. We use Google Analytics for most clients and they have access to view real-time reports of their website stats.

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Impact Digital can design the perfect website design and shopping cart setup!  We have experience in many shopping cart technologies.  We also consult and walk you through the steps of setting up the back-end business side of your shopping cart - such as setting up payment methods with payment processors so you can seamlessly accept credit cards through your website.  We can also integrate PayPal & Google Checkout among other payment methods.  Each e-commerce website is different, and different shopping cart packages will fit better than the others.  We have the experience to recommend what technology you need.

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